I could not get my closest family or friends to sum me up for this. So much for "objective." And I'm still becoming; finding and fighting my way through days and experiences. But now WHAT I am hasn't changed that much in a while. We can start there.

I am and have been the proud wife of a wildland firefighter and avid hunter since 2005. And he's still the best person suited to deal with my nuances. Idiosyncrasies. My brand of crazy.

I am a proud MOM twice over. My son (2011) is awesome at baseball, better than I was in school, can rock a mullet and make it cool. My daughter (2017) is fearless, caring, and happier in the mornings than I have ever been in my life. And when they're not testing my patience, they're melting my heart.

We never seem to be without 4-5 German Wirehaired Pointers, so I'm also the Dog Mom.

I am a federal employee doing IT work, fixing all manner of computers, printers, and network-whatnot. I am a resident of one of the only Republican counties in the state of California.

I am a firm believer in God, hard work, discipline, and accountability.







Walks with my kids/throwing rocks in the creek

Gardening... but I'm not very good at it.


Local Authors / Local Settings:

Victoria Houston; Loon Lake Mystery Series

Welcome To Tyler Series; various authors

Ben Logan; The Land Remembers

Laura Ingalls Wilder Series

Non-Local Favorites:

Fredrik Backman; A Man Named Ove, Beartown, Us Against You, (just started Winners). 4 more books of his in the queue...

Victoria Laurie; Ghost Hunter Mystery series and Phychic Eye series

Cecelia Ahern; P.S., I Love You, The Gift, There's No Place Like Here, Thanks For the Memories, The Time of My Life, If You Could See Me Now, Rosie Dunne, Flawed/Perfect (2 book series)

Mary Kay Andrews (writing as Kathy Hogan Trocheck); Callahan Garrity Mystery Series

Jennie Bentley; Do-It-Yourself Mystery Series

Heather Blake; Wishcraft Mystery Series

Tom Bodett (Yes, the Motel 6 guy!); The End of the Road (also available in Audiobooks in his voice!)

Stephanie Bond; Body Movers Series, Voo-Doo Series

Lillian Jackson Braun; The Cat Who... Mysteries

Kate Carlisle; Bibliophile Mysteries, and Fixer-Upper Mysteries

E.J. Copperman; Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Series and Mysterious Detective Mystery Series

Carolyn Haines; Sarah Booth Delaney Series

Charlaine Harris; Harper Connely Series

Anything by DARYNDA JONES; love her Charlie Davidson Mystery Series, Betwixt & Between Series, 1001 Dark Nights Series (Charlie Davidson spin-offs for those like me who can't get enough of her writing style and humor), Sunshine Vicram series... and whatever comes next!

Nancy Martin; Blackbird Sisters Mysteries

Beth McMullen; Spy Mom

Heather Webber; Lucy Valentine Novels