My Journey Into Painting

I remember very little about art classes in school. I recall wanting to be talented when each new medium was presented; clay, canvas, watercolors....But I didn’t have the patience.

A few years back, the B&W Ladies* wanted to do a “Bottle and Brush” at the shop here in town. Between giggling fits, spinach dip, and Riesling, we managed some pretty decent paintings!

February 2020; my artist friend Casey gave me a gift certificate for another non-local “Bottle and Brush” that she’d won at a benefit dinner. I didn’t have the chance to use it before COVID shut everything down.

About a month into COVID, my friend Holly came by with canvases, acrylic paints, and seltzer drinks. With the step-by-step help of Pinterest and the courage of seltzer, we had our own extremely local “Can and Canvas”!!

I still don’t have a lot of patience. But I have pictures. And a steadier hand. And there was an easel in the shed. I was able to buy more canvases and paints online, and continue as the urge strikes. I still don’t consider myself a true artist or master of the acrylic/canvas medium, but I do know that if I saw one of my paintings in a thrift store I’d consider it quite a find.

*For the full story on the B&W Ladies, please refer to the More Recent Ramblings page.

Matt's Hunt (December 2022)

Happy 50th Birthday, Uncle Matt!

Happy Mother's Day! (2020)

For my mom, since she has fewer opportunities to see the ocean than I do.

Back Home

Status Quo circa 1993 facing west from my room back home.

Antelope Lake

There is healing in nature.

Time After Time

Commissioned painting for a good friend. Happy 52nd Anniversary!

Reflections II

My tribute to Claude Monet's Water Lilies.


Kayaking the River in the fall.


My antelope hunting zone in Nevada.

Sunset Over the Water

Sometimes the picture necessitates a painting attempt.

February 2, 2022

Happened to be out at the right time... without my camera. Had to borrow a phone, then had to Google it. It's a "waning crescent moon with Jupiter" by its side.

The River ~ Wintertime

Bright beautiful winter days are ALMOST enough to forget it's so dang cold out.

Blue Period

A scene from my childhood. But with less snow. And drifting. And focusing on an area I DIDN'T have to shovel.

Mallery Sunset

Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, who took the picture I based this on.

The Calm After the Storm

The best clouds are after the worst storms.

Summer Thundercell #2

Where we live in California, thundercells mean erratic winds, lightning, and fire. The clouds are a powerful precursor to the potential danger fires can bring.

Fire Thundercell

This storm started a fire that ran for 10,000 acres in 2020.

KC's Retirement

Painted this for my friend and coworker, a Rangeland Management Specialist, who retired.


It's not raining everywhere. The sun still shines above the clouds.

Goat Mountain

Painted from a photo I took one evening hunting deer.

Fall Bike Ride

It's much easier to smell the roses when you're traveling at 10 miles an hour.

Mueller's Lot #2

An enjoyable spring evening at a friend's lot.

Dirk's Daisies

...Where the daisies grow so thick they look like snow.

The River

Downstream from The Bridge.


Canadian geese travelling the Mississippi Flyway.

Across From The Point

The only upside of not being there in person is the lack of mosquitos.


My husband told me you hunt chukars once for fun. Every time after that is for revenge.

The Bridge

Upstream from The Bridge.

The Farm

Speeding home on my bike after playing at the farm… trying to make it home in time for dinner… looking back.

The Backyard

Patriotic view of my backyard.

Bass Lake

My favorite lake.

Lincoln, CA Sunset

Commissioned painting.

Dry Storm

Storm clouds to the northeast. Smoke and ash from the southwest.


Day moon on a family chukar hunt in Nevada.


Clear day over the collapsed tankhouse.


Easter Hope Reminder.

Sunset Beyond the Rye Field was even more vibrant in real life.

Fire in the Sky

No smoke and ash with a firey sunset.